CHEIA March 2023 Update

17 March 2023      Jemma Ladkin, Membership Officer

Message from the Chair

The CHEIA Update returns!  Last sighted in October 2022, it has re-emerged.  While it has been gone, CHEIA has remained busy, but with the continued success of the on-line forums, it’s an easy mistake to believe that everyone is tuned into what is happening.  We do however recognise that not everyone has the opportunity to get involved in these channels and it’s good to share the news more widely through more traditional methods too.

In this update we announce a (short) series of round table events to discuss the proposed Global Internal Audit Standards currently out for consultation, give an update on the 2023 conference and a teaser on a smaller scale in person meeting that is under development.  The Quality Assessment season is also coming around again, and we launch the CHEIA facilitated peer review process for 2023.

As ever, we welcome your ideas and feedback.

Global Internal Audit Standards – Consultation

Many of you will be aware that the IIA published a consultation draft of its revised suite of standards at the start of March and opened up a consultation period that closes towards the end of May.  The proposals consolidate the existing Mission, Core Principles, Definition of Internal Auditing, Code of Ethics, International Standards and the Implementation Guidance into a single set of standards which incorporates some amplification and extension against the existing standards.  IIA plans that the final version of the revised standards will be published later in 2024 and will come into effect a year later.

The draft stoked up some debate in a recent Heads of Internal Audit forum and it would be fair to say that not all of the changes are universally perceived to be positive.  These standards impact how we as professional internal auditors approach our work.  To this end, CHEIA is organising some on-line round table events to discuss the various aspects of the proposals with the aim of distilling a response to the consultation that reflects the views of the membership.

The first event is on Thursday 30th March between 11:00 and 12:30 and will look at the overall structure of the GIAS and then take a more detailed look at Domains I and II.

The second event on Wednesday 19th April, again between 11:00 and 12:30 will look at Domains III, IV and V.

In each event, we will be looking at the relevant components and asking do these add clarity and support the effective and efficient delivery of internal audit services, and in particular, are they proportionate and achievable in the smaller internal audit functions that we typically work in?

Book your place now on the events page on the CHEIA website.

Save the date - CHEIA Conference 2023

Planning is underway for our Annual Conference, scheduled for Wednesday – Thursday 6th – 7th September 2023.  This will be our third on-line conference. 

Earlier announcements had expressed our hope that this would be a return to the in-person three day conference of the type enjoyed by so many in pre-pandemic days.  However, the feedback received from many of you indicated that we were highly unlikely to secure the number of delegates needed to make a face-to-face conference viable.  Some of the challenges expressed by those who felt that they could not commit to in-person conferences included cost pressures on institutional finances squeezing training budgets, and the ability to allow more staff to participate in an on-line conference than would be the case when travel costs and accommodation are taken into account.  For some, the carbon footprint of shipping a team halfway across the UK was also a key factor.

In-Person Round table event – location and timing to be confirmed

Some things however do not work as well on-line and for those who do crave a return to the face-to-face experience, we are exploring the possibility of a one day event with a focus on sharing good practice and network building.  The emphasis will be less on drawing together a panel of external speakers and more on experienced members demonstrating professional leadership, assisted on occasion through some inspiring specialist inputs!

Quality Assessments – the Spider

It’s getting to that time of year again when we support members who wish to use the CHEIA Spider to perform either an internal quality assessment or an external (peer) moderated quality assessment of their processes and conformance to IIA Standards.

The Spider model will remain unchanged from prior years for summer 2023, but will be redeveloped over the following couple of years to reflect the introduction of Global IA Standards.

If you want to participate in the 2023 round, please contact  If your aim is to take part in a peer review, we will allocate you to a peer review panel.

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