CHEIA Annual Conference 2022


Join us for our highly regarded HE Internal Audit Annual Conference

“Change is the only constant.”

“If you don’t change, you’ll not just stand still, you’ll go backwards.”

We are surrounded by so many clichés and truisms about change that it could be easy to become blasé on the subject. But if we have learned anything since March 2020, it must be that as organisations, as individuals, and as internal audit, risk management or governance professionals, we must constantly adapt to and embrace change.

However, change was with us long before COVID and will continue to be a feature in our lives long after (if) we settle into a new normality. In our professional lives, we must constantly be aware of the drivers of change that are entering into our environment. We must grapple with our role in the organisation’s change agenda – are we passive observers, do we give retrospective assurance or are we active advisors in the process? How does change manifest itself in our discussions on risk? How does culture influence the change environment and how do we guard against change fatigue? And how do we adapt our professional practices as the environment around us changes?

What you can expect
The 2022 Conference seeks to help us to consider these and other related questions, whether we are experienced leaders in the field or raw early-career practitioners. Through a roster of speakers from within and outside higher education, panel discussions and other meaningful interactions, we hope to engage you and send you back to your day jobs enthused and equipped to change up a gear and deliver even more value to your institutions.

Feedback from 2021
'Varied viewpoints made for a good debate'

'Really informative, lots of time for questions and thoughtful answers provided'

'Discussion was very well supported. Really enjoyed it!

As we reflect on the feedback from last year and our increased experience of digital interaction, we are not immune to change either and have made some adjustments to the format of the conference too. As we have dispensed with the need for participants to travel, and as we cannot have the same level of social networking (dinner and outings) as we would for face-to-face gatherings, we have been able to contain the formal content within two days, reducing the impact that the conference has on your working week.

The success of the Conference depends on everyone
To ensure that our virtual gathering delivers great value for all delegates, we will require

· early registration for the conference – please book by 31 July

· good numbers – so encourage your colleagues to attend

· early login on each day of the conference

· active participation

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