How is the site structured?

We have tried to keep the structure as simple as possible so that users can find their way around easily. The sections About Us, News and Events should be self-explanatory and are available to members and non-members alike.

Then there are some CHEIA Member only sections, which contain some great resources:

Discussions - a series of topic based discussion boards where members can ask questions, post replies and 'like' comments. You can also sign up for daily alerts for these discussions, so that they come straight to your inbox. 

Resources - we have broken this area down into several sub-topics, to make it easier to find the resources you are looking for. You need to be a member to access these sections:

Assurance Topics

  • Academic Assurance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Data Assurance
  • Estates
  • Financial
  • Fraud
  • Grants
  • IT
  • Other
  • Research
  • Risk Management
  • Student related
  • VFM

Audit Committee

Audit Management

  • Audit Planning
  • General
  • Mentoring
  • QA

Audit Methodology

  • Audit Execution
  • Follow up


Sector Topics


Network - a list of all members, as well as their institutions. You can filter by region, role, mission group and more.

Jobs - we list any member related jobs on the site. If you wish to post a job on the site, simply email the details to

MyCHEIA - you will find lots of useful content through the site, such as news articles, case studies, discussions and even jobs - on each page, you can add that page to your MyCHEIA - so you can come back to it later. MyCHEIA is also where you can update your profile, email preferences etc.

There are also lots of acronyms in the sector, so we have compiled a useful list.



How do I register?

Simply click on the Register link in the top right hand corner and you will need to fill in a few boxes. Then your request comes into the office for approval and you will receive email confirmation if you are accepted.

How much does it cost?

CHEIA Membership is at institutional level - so your university needs to be a member. If you go to the Register page, and you will see a drop down list of institutions who are CHEIA members. If your institution is not on that list, and you would like to become a member, then please get in touch.

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